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Domestic and overseas patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks
One-stop support for acquisition and management of intellectual property

●Universal IP
・Domestic agent fee 0 yen for overseas intellectual property applications  ※
・Basic usage fee 0 yen
・Covers 95% of countries and regions in all international applications
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※This is achieved by charging a system usage fee on the part of patent attorney firms.
Please be assured that there is no price pass-through to customers.

AIPco has the following benefits!

  • Domestic agent fee 0 yen for overseas intellectual property applications
  • Basic usage fee 0 yen ※Some convenient features are available on a monthly basis, but most features are available for free.
  • Covers 95% of countries and regions in all international applications
  • All applications and intellectual property management are completed by the system
  • The progress of the procedure and the exchange with the office can be confirmed at a glance
  • Since the participating office is a complete examination system, the quality of the office is high
  • If you are worried about dealing with overseas offices, you can use the paid concierge service for peace of mind

Latest Information

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  • 2023/10/31NewsKlein Portugal Law (Klein Portugal Advogados) having participated. (Brazil)
  • 2023/10/18NewsPascua & Pascua Law Offices having participated. (Philippines)
  • 2023/09/21News北京市安理法律事務所 having participated. (China)
  • 2023/09/10NewsRumah Paten having participated. (Indonesia)
  • 2023/09/09NewsWe will be exhibiting at our booth at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from September 13 (Wed.) to 15 (Fri.) at "2023 Patent & Information Fair & Conference," one of the largest comprehensive intellectual property exhibitions in Japan.For more information on the exhibition, please click here.
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  • 2023/05/27NewsESTUDIO CUBILLAS having participated. (Argentine)
  • 2023/05/26NewsThe amount of data that can be held in one case has been increased for all plans.Please click here to check the amount of data you can hold in each plan.
  • 2023/05/21NewsThe landing page is now available.Please take a look at this website
  • 2023/05/20NewsESTUDIO CUBILLAS having participated. (Argentine)
  • 2023/05/17NewsWe are exhibiting at Cosmeoben's booth at the 11th Cosmetics Industry Technology Exhibition CITE JAPAN 2023 (@ Pacifico Yokohama). We look forward to seeing you there.
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  • 2023/04/06NewsKırtok Patent Company having participated. (Turkey)
  • 2023/04/05NewsDue to end of the trial period, you can change the billing plan according to your choice, you can change the billing plan according to your choice.
  • 2023/03/11News恆融智慧財產事務所 having participated. (Taiwan)
  • 2023/02/13News[Translation Agency]グローバル知財サービス株式会社 having participated. (Japan)
  • 2023/02/06NewsDr. Schön, Neymeyr & Partner PatentanwältembB having participated. (Europe、Germany)
  • 2023/01/23News北京商専永信特許事務所 having participated. (China、Hong Kong)
  • 2023/01/09NewsMasuvalley and Partners having participated. (The United States、China、Hong Kong、Thailand、Vietnam)

Introduction in Video!

Universal IP

This is a free procedure management system.
Domestic and overseas patent attorneys are registered, so you can easily request procedures for obtaining rights in Japan and overseas.

Click here to use

AIPco Calendar

This is a video conference reservation tool with intellectual property experts. You can make online consultation reservations with patent attorneys and intellectual property management technicians. (Free consultation available)

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About acquiring intellectual property rights overseas


Intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks are validonly in the country in which they are acquired.
Therefore, when acquiring rights in a foreign country,it is necessary to request a local agent to complete the application procedures via a Japanese patent office.

Currently available countries・regions for Universal IP

Japan、China、Hong Kong、Korea、Taiwan、The United States、Europe、Germany、The United Kingdom、Poland、Turkey、Thailand、Vietnam、Indonesia、India、Australia、New Zealand、Mexico、Argentine

provides a place for users to communicate with foreign agents.

There is a reason to be chosen

reduces the cost of acquiring rights!

Until now, when obtaining rights in a foreign country, it was common to request a local agent to handle everything from application procedures to differentiation via a Japanese patent law firm.
In that case, the costs of the local agent and the Japanese patent office would be doubled.

AIPco can
expect a cost cut of about 30% compared to before by reducing the cost burden of the Japanese agent


Free Intellectual Property Management System

Intellectual property is a valuable asset of a company.
Assets should be well managed in-house.
You can use the intellectual property management system free of charge with Universal IP provided by Aipco.


You can easily contact overseas patent attorneys

Universal IP has registered patent offices around the world, so you can easily meet foreign patent attorneys.
It is easy to communicate with overseas patent attorneys using the e-mail function in the system.


No need for overseas remittance procedures, easy payment with PayPal

Aipco handles international remittances all at once, so there is no need for troublesome international remittance procedures.
We have introduced PayPal as our payment system, but you can also pay by credit card.
We also accept bank transfer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreign patent attorneys be trusted?

Aipco carefully conducts interviews, performance surveys, etc., and is registered, so please use it with confidence.

Is the system usage free of fee?

You can use up to 30 items for free. Please check the link below for detailed price plans.
Available rate plans